WHy Sarvvid Box is Secure?

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Sherry Narnolia




The company’s crucial services include Sarvvid Box and Sarvvid Node. Sarvvid Box is used to store data and Sarvvid Node are the devices that rent their free spaces to the company which is used by the company to store data which it is entrusted to store by its clients.

Mobile Sandbox is a form of security protocol for Sarvvid Node. While transferring data the Sarvvid Hub sends a signal to the nearest available node that a file is being sent to it before transmitting the file. Meanwhile, the file is sharded (fragmented into multiple files) and encrypted and then it is transferred into a box called Sandbox which is also protected by a security shell. 

So, even if someone has or manages to get the root access then also he cannot access the file because the files are both sharded and encrypted. So, any unauthorized access is virtually impossible, and it has been proven in several test runs conducted by the company.


Latency means the time taken by the data to be transferred between its source and destination. When someone tries to upload a file to The Sarvvid Box, it sends a notification to Sarvvid Web to provide the location of all the available nearby nodes and then a node is selected for loading/storing the file. 

The time taken in these process are recorded and monitored and a code is created called M S code. Suppose, if someone tries to crack the file or become a fake node then there arises a gap in the timing as this code refreshes every ten seconds. And whenever any gap arises in the timing sarvvid node immediately intimates the sarvvid box to refresh its files or restart the application because someone else is trying to fake a login. This process of pinging on any timing gap is called Latency based authentication. 

It is possible that the location of a Sarvvid Node changes i.e. it was the nearest node available when data was stored on it but now when the file is to be retrieved, the node is very far away. Then also there is absolutely no worry. As again the MS Code will be refreshed, and notification will be sent to the Node and the file can be retrieved. Not only this but also all the files are backed up into different nodes for more protection against issues resulting in loss of Node


Sharding is the process into which a file is fragmented into several small files. For example, a 10 MB file is sharded into four files of 2.5 MB each and sent to different nodes.

Benefits of Sharding include more security as the files are divided into smaller sections so it becomes useless for someone to get hands-on a single part.


The files are also backed up to protect the client against any data loss due to damage/loss/theft of a particular node or data destruction due to any unforeseen reason. So, each file is also backup at a different place. To back up a file the small fragments of the file are collected and combined into a compressed file of a size that is equal to one fragment. This backup file is known as the Xor file. The fragmented files are used to create a Xor file to backup the original file.

For example if by assembling all the fragmented files of 2.5 MB each to create an approximately 3 MB file which has all the data as in the original file. This file is called Xor file and the process is called compression.

It makes storage and backup of files easy as it is small in size but contains all the data. Storing a backup of the same size becomes both costly and space-consuming.


It is a type of OTP-based security feature. A dynamic token is released every time a user tries to access the SarvvidBox. So, in case if someone sneaks or gets unauthorized access to one’s userId/ deviceId and access the sarvvid box by masquerading as an original user then also he cannot access the sarvvid box because it cannot be accessed without entering this dynamic token sent to original user’s device.

And this unique code is only accessible to the original user of the Sarvvid box.

  • SHA 256 + 256

It is a 256 character key made by combining two 256+ 256 characters provided to the users of Sarvvid Box. It is a very strong key as it is the combination of 256bit_256 bit and every time a new user is created this key is generated.

The team has extensively experimented and tested that this key cannot be extracted (cracked) even after multiple efforts.


Quantum algorithms run on a realistic model of quantum computation. Its three unique properties: Superposition, interference, and entanglement increases data security and safety.

  • There is another security feature that in a particular device that there can only be a single user from a particular device. If one device is used to login Sarvvid Box then that device cannot use any other Id. One device One ID.