What does it mean to be a Smart Investor in 2021

Feels like modern day investment

Namrata Chauhan


As Robert Kiyosaki says in Rich Dad Poor Dad that to be financially free, we need to make our
money work for us despite working for our money.
What this essentially means is that our sound investments should be earning interest for us or
that our money should constantly be growing itself

As the law of compounding says, “investing your money carefully and allowing it to grow at compound interest will eventually make you rich.” but how do we make use of our knowledge about investments to make money work for us.

Let's Dive in to understand Investment


How do you invest? Through stockbrokers? Visiting the websites of fund houses? Or through applications like GROWW? If you invest through a stockbroker, they can offer you guidance, provide you access to research and help you achieve your investment goals but for a commission. However, you can always do the research yourself and invest through platforms like GROWW. GROWW is a digital investment platform that acts as an aggregator that brings all the mutual
fund houses and stock options under one platform and provides you, the investor, access to all the options under a single platform. GROWW allows you to invest in stocks, mutual funds, SIP, and IPOs and provides a very user-friendly, simple, and clean interface.


There is no doubt that investment platforms provide us with an opportunity and ease of investing our money but why stick to a single method when the goal is to grow and earn profit? Investment in the new age of data and technology has amounted to new methods which are being adopted all over the globe by investors and entrepreneurs. One such method is cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be used as a form of exchange online for goods and services. Many companies around the world also issue currencies that can only be used to trade for their goods or services. Cryptocurrencies, which are based on blockchain technology, use decentralized technology which record transactions by spreading it across many computers despite one central server thus making it much more secure. According to CoinMarketCap.com, a market research website there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies that are being traded publicly and multiplying rapidly by raising money through initial coin offerings, or ICOs. According to the coin market cap As of July 9, 2021, the total value of cryptocurrency was more than $1.4 trillion down from April’s high of $2.2 trillion. This graph highlights the 10 largest cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization as tracked by CoinMarketCAP.

Cryptocurrencies also give birth to other markets under it such as NFT’s which allow artists and collectors alike to invest in Non Fungible Tokens or essentially artwork which are one of one or part of a limited collection and due to blockchain technology, cannot be copied easily. In case it is copied, it can be easily distinguished as an unoriginal work, thus reducing the unoriginal work’s value.

Market Capitalization of various crypto-currencies


This is the present scenario but as we know CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT and to stay ahead, we need to accept change by having a vision for the future and the future of investment is, Passive Income. Passive income refers to a source of regular income that is not from your employer in which you participate regularly but it is a setup wherein you get paid dividends for being invested in an idea. When investing through applications like GROW or cryptocurrency, you need funds, to begin with, coupled with proper research since these are time and market-sensitive investments. What would be the ideal way to start investing to make your money work for you? Without any doubt, it would be a revenue model which is created to provide you with passive income, a decentralized cloud storage company called https://sarvvid-ai.com Sarvvid-ai works to eliminate the need for one central server and allow for multiple nodes (servers) to act together to complete a specific task and that’s where you come in, providing Sarvvid with space on your phone or other devices to rent it out to other users who are in need of storage solutions. For example, while using Dropbox all our data is uploaded on one single server of Dropbox which acts as a central server but with Sarvvid, your data will be split and uploaded on various servers around the entire country. These servers are called NODES. What makes the Sarvvid network secure is that only you have the right to access your files and not even the uploader has any idea of what he is uploading. The best part about Sarvvid is that anyone with unused disk space can sign up to be a node(renter) and earn revenue by providing space. With this revenue-based model if you have for instance 50 GB unused space on your system then you can provide that space (become a Node) to Sarvvid and start earning revenue from your unused space. Being invested in new technological advancements that do not require you to shell out money to be associated is a sure shot way to increase your revenue and provides you the ability to diversify your source of earnings. If you are someone who does not have a large chunk of money in hand but wants to enjoy financial luxury, you are at the right place. Earn money from the Sarvvid revenue model by signing up as NODES (simply put, providing unused disk space) and invest it further to make
your money work for you. Grasp the opportunity of your financial freedom!

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