make the most of your storage

Why choose us?

Decentralized Domain

Welcome to the decentralized world where you can store, compute and compress your data decentrally.


Your Data is Available 24/7.You Can Access your data anytime anywhere without having any breach.


Your Data is privately stored on our decentralized network and you only can access your data.

Encrypted Data

with the power of decentralized domain your data is always encrypted with it's key placed only in your device


a new and secure way to store your data withour any fear of man in the middle attack or being hacked.

Fast Access

with us your data is encrtpted and split into multiple bits and traversed in various places. No downtime, no bitrot, and no lost files.

sarvvid box

Store your Data On Our Decentralized Domain

with sarvvid box, you can upload your data on our decentralized data storage with full encryption security and fast access. you can now be free from “out of storage” notification and have all your internal storage to yourself. it helps you to forget all your stress for storage. we are trying hard for giving ownership of data back to the people.

sarvvid node

Connect to our node and monetize your storage

welcome to the node. come join us and you can monetize your storage and earn some amount with ease. all you need to do is share some of your storage to our network and you can bring some cash to your pocket. Instead of operating a costly data center, we pay you for the resources used by SARVVID on your device.

sarvvid web

Now access sarvvid in your pc too with the web

with all the goodness of our app now you can use sarvvid even on your pc. just scan the qr code and done. you can access all your data on your system with the same user experience but advance feature.

Amazing App.. Just love the user experience.
muskan raj
just incredible concept with such fast data access. highly recommended
shweta tripathi
Helped me save a lot of space in my memory with so less price. A thums up for the initiative. 👍
rahul srivastav
The concept of the decentralized network is in itself is great. loved the app as well.
tushar verma