Who We Are?

We devised our inspiration from the philosophy of collective consciousness. So our thought process believes in achieving every great height that humanity can achieve with working collectively to enhance human and computing capabilities.

- Manish Soni


our story

Not so long ago sarvvid was just an idea hovering in my mind day and night. I was always curious about everything and had an inclination towards spirituality. I wanted to gain knowledge as much as I could. With this concept, I started my journey and started gaining knowledge in various domains, and started this company. When we were working on some technology we came across some flaws and orthodox procedures in this system and understood its weakness as being centralized and easily breachable. So at that point, I understood what I need to do and where I need to take my company. Then we started to work on technology like blockchain and decentralization. The very fundamentals of decentralization resonated with my mind and we started working our brains out. I started Sarvvid with one motive to make India The DATA CAPITAL and make it self-reliant and self-sufficient to handle all its resources with itself.

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Our Vision


We, at sarvvid, work for the betterment of people through innovation and creativity synchronized with technology. We work on our products and services and refine them with our cutting-edge mindset to give our people a whole new world to explore.

Our Mission


To eliminate the need for one central server and allow for multiple nodes (servers) to act together to complete a
specific task. To minimize the issues of security, cost, stability, and
other problems related to a centralized network.

hands, hand, together

Taking a step further in innovation and technology through creativity and passion

For us, Sarvvid is the motto to achieve excellence in every aspect through sheer potential.

The idea of sarvvid came from its meaning only. Sarvvid is the combination of two terms “Sarvv” meaning everything and “Vidya” meaning knowledge. The essence of sarvvid is embedded in each one of us just we need to look deep inside us. With this mindset, we chose ourselves to be called SARVVID.

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Get the chance to earn Bitcoin worth ₹ 1500.
Sarvvid in Collaboration with AntEagle giving you the opportunity to win Big!!!
*Terms & Conditions Apply
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